AI Humanity - Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

Democratizing Prosperity: Through Innovation, Cultural Transformation, and Technology

What We Do

Our exhaustive plan tackles prosperity for the unprosperous from every solvable angle

Our information supercomputer provides the unprosperous with realizable paths to prosperity via the following integrated services:

  • Inspiration and Enlightenment

    We inspire, enlighten, and equip the unprosperous with the necessary tools and resources they need—both individually and collectively—to pursue individual and collective prosperity.
  • Advancement and Innovation

    We create innovative programs and technologies and acquire the necessary resources to help the unprosperous with realizable opportunities for prosperity. These include access to rewarding education towards rewarding careers, capital for entrepreneurship, and resources for innovation.
  • Aid Optimization

    We help organizations and governmental programs synchronize and coordinate and optimize to more effectively eliminate the factors of poverty.
  • Capitalism Optimization

    As the last three centuries have proven, the best economic system for creating liberty, empowerment, and economic prosperity for the unprosperous is market capitalism, notwithstanding its flaws. We are thus optimizing capitalistic opportunities (and improving them thereof) to help the unprosperous get on the path to prosperity.

In addition, “we exploit the blindspots of capitalism to improve the dynamism of the economy to directly improve the wealth and standard of living of the unprosperous," as is explained in our forthcoming book Universalprosperia.

If you are interested in learning more or funding AI Humanity and want to learn how our technologies and processes work and how they integrate to solve poverty and pathologically inequality, contact us via the Funders page. And if you are interested in working for AI Humanity, see the We Need You page.